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2022 RXP 300
We had this exact model and colour on demo in 2021 and I can honestly say it was one of the best watercrafts I've ever been on. Nothing came close to it in the corners and the acceleration was best in class, destroying everyone who challenged me to a drag race on the water. Comes from the factory with the game changing ErgoLock R Solo Seat and aggressive X sponsons to enable next level precision at full throttle, even in the roughest conditions.

T3-R hull slices the waves with expert precision. The ingenious shark gill design that runs lengthwise at the hull’s midpoint regulates airflow under the hull giving the rider much more predictable handling for unmatched confidence at high speeds.  Both the fuel tank and engine have been moved forward 50 mm in order to improve
behaviour in chop and enhance steering response.

Purchase the rear passage
 seat so you can bring someone along for the ride. Although this is a performance dedicated watercraft you can still use the factory installed tow hook for inflatables, wakeboarding or my personal favourite knee boarding.

Just remember this is a 300hp, 0-50 under 3 seconds, performance dedicated machine... 

Check out our Instagram account for some videos of us on our Ex-Demo RXP 

Price on the trailer £19,800.00

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